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What's Your Story?

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Welcome to Writer's INC, a site for authors to see their work in print or online.

We offer a complete publishing service to people who wish to publish their work, in any quantity, from one copy to thousands.

You simply supply your story to us in a word document, choose the format you would like to publish in, be it an e-book, a physical hardback or paperback book and leave the rest to us.

You will see a final proof before the work is complete.


Writer's INC is a US-based publishing company for authors who wish to publish their work without having to deal with a major publishing house, or deal with lawyers and extensive contracts. You retain all the copyrights to your submitted material, we simply offer editing and design services and list your book for sale on the Barnes & Noble and Amazon websites.


We do not take a fee for book sales. The only fee's you pay to Writer's INC are for editing, design and the publishing/delivery of your book.

You can publish as an e-book, or a physical hardback or paperback book. There is no minimum order quantity, and you can come back and order more copies as-needed.


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