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All books we publish are assigned an ISBN Number and will contain a page noting the number, your name as the copyright holder and that the book was published by Willow's Hamlet Publishing.

You will be given a detailed price quote before any work commences. 

Please note, pre-payment is required before we can create and publish your book.

Publish an e-Book

If you'd like an e-book so you can email copies to friends and family, or offer it via your social media links for purchase or download, send an email and ask for details.

Editing Services

We also offer editing services. Pricing is based on word count. Just send an email informing us of your word count, and we will provide pricing.

Publish a Book

If you'd like to publish a paperback or hardback book, we can take care of everything for you. Again simply send an email and ask for details.

Book Design

You can provide an image for your book cover, as well as any images you wish to have included inside your book. once you provide your images and content we will provide you with pricing. Simply send an email and ask for details.

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